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Live in the company of colourful flowers, dance to the beats of falling dewdrops and wave your hands to catch the freshness around. That's what is the magic of Olive County. The apartments at Olive County set a new benchmark in lifestyle homes and bring you closer to yourself apart from energising your soul. Feel the absolute freshness of nature at Olive County. 

Everyday... each moment. It's luxury redefined. Absolutely awesome in look and feel. There could not be anything so picture perfect than the Olive County designer apartments. Designed to give you all that you want from life. Perfect brightness, perfect light, soothing environment, colourful neighbourhood and happening surroundings, infact everything that goes in to making Olive County the best place to live your life. Feel the new high of luxurious temptation at Olive County across the green belt on the bank of Hindon Canal. 

Recipe of good living needs new spices, new flavours and innovative garnishes. And they are all in one and in a sumptuous mix at Olive County. You will be astonished to discover that living could be so delicious and flavours at Olive County so tingling. Feel warmth of the heart and soul in every little thing planned here, like aesthetic landscaping, soothing interiors and e-stylish amenities. So start developing the taste of international living blended with the warmth of Indian hospitality here at Olive County.There is a new sense of pride in owning something for the first time. There is a similar pride in getting something rare and precious. 

This feeling of pride gives a new meaning to life. Olive County boasts of the cosiest and the most comfortable homes, blended with the value of brand adding together a new kind of prestige, that only few, limited and exclusives, can own. Discover a new Identity for yourself and your loved ones. That's Olive County for sure.