Agarwal Homez believes that the company's workforce is its principal business asset. Its 'people-centric' approch has created a culture where each member feels a sense of belonging and ownership, of being answerable and committed to the customer. The company encourages the exchange and flow of ideas between all levels and departments as it believes that every employee adds value to the company. For Agarwal Homez employees, this approach is a motivating factor and enhances their feeling of being part of the family.

Agarwal Homez selects employees fit in with the culture of the company and are likely to understand the mindset of its customers. The company also puts a high value on training and development of its workforce, whether its labourers, middle management or top management. Agarwal Homez believes that learning is critical to the success of the business.Agarwal Homez employees regularly participate in programs to upgrade skills, enhance product knowledge and learn the latest in management techniques.

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